Sigma Designs ZM5202

The ZM5202 module combines a Z-Wave SD3502 SoC with a built-in microcontroller and Z-Wave RF transceiver, crystal, and passive RF components making it ideal for single micro controller products. The ZM5202 module provides 128kB Flash and 16kB SRAM. The ZM5202 is also pin-to-pin compatible with the ZM3102 and ZM4102 modules allowing an easy upgrade path for existing products to take advantage of Z-Wave Next Gen.

Key Benefits:
• Pin-to-pin compatibility with ZM3102 and ZM4102 modules provides a fast upgrade path
• Hardware AES 128 security
• Reduced power consumption

Target Markets:
• Existing Z-Wave designs using ZM3102 or ZM4102
• Thermostats
• Lighting control
• Sensors
• Smart meters

Key Features:
• ZM3102/ZM4102 pin compatible
• Integrated MCU and RF transceiver
• 128kB Flash, 16kB SRAM
• 1000 step dimmer (TRIAC/FET)
• 4-channel 12-bit rail-to-rail ADC
• 4-channel 16-bit LED PWM
• 10 GPIOs
• Flash programming through UART or SPI
• Hardware AES 128 security engine
• 1μA sleep mode
• 9.6/40/100 kbit/s data rates
• Regional modules for 868/908/921 MHz
• Hardware-assisted frequency agility with up to 3 channels
• Power supply: 2.3-3.6V
• 12.5mm x 13.6mm x 1.8mm module
• 1 channel 16-bit LED PWM
• Battery monitor